Anatoli Roxman

Venture Capitalist and Philanthropist – Anatoli Roxman

Venture capitalist and businessman Anatoli Roxman is passionate about martial arts and sports. He opened a gym called Rox, where he is fulfilling his dream of creating a special space where the community can practice sports. Roxman is also known as a corporate thought leader in the business world.

Anatoli Roxman's Rox gym club

Early Years

Born in 1967, Roxman and his brother had a modest upbringing with their father, an artist, and mother, a bookshop clerk. He became an only child when his brother passed away at a young age. Although he suffered setbacks and financial strain, Roxman stood firm in his belief that he would succeed.

Martial Arts – in Life and in Business

As a young boy, Anatoli Roxman realized that he had a talent for martial arts disciplines. His first entry into the field was when he joined a local club and started training in Judo. The next discipline he explored was Sambo. Boris Kornyushin trained Roxman and the young athlete started competing in advanced tournaments. After achieving a high success rate with competition wins, Roxman firmly established his reputation as a top martial artist, leading to the ultimate achievement: becoming a martial arts master at 16. In later years he went on to become a coach and started training others.

With an agenda aimed at bolstering self-discipline and a sense of purpose, Roxman believes that sports like martial arts can help participants achieve this. Based on this belief, the businessman opened his own gym, where he welcomes locals for training sessions with him for free. An inspiration to his fellow sports fans, Roxman keeps in top shape with regular training sessions. This is an important part of his life, and part of fulfilling his dream of hosting a space dedicated to sports and martial arts.

Anatoli Roxman's Rox gym club

Business Endeavors

Anatoli Roxman is a restaurateur/ entrepreneur in the gastronomy world, especially the Asian food world. Roxman was also involved with numerous other ventures, and has played a role in building a variety of companies through the years.

Philanthropy and Donations

An ardent Zionist, Anatoli Roxman feels a deep connection to his heritage. He is committed to helping the Berlin Jewish community go from strength to strength, and is providing generous donations to the local Chabad and community center. He also founded the World Congress of Russian Speaking Jews and is the vice president of the organization.